At Sel de la Terre, we work in cooking education, recipe development, journalism, and as consultants to support businesses that are part of sustainable food systems (or wish to be).


We believe that in order to have healthy soil, healthy communities, and healthy bodies, we need agricultural operations, food service businesses, and consumers to be aligned in a commitment to thoughtfully-produced ingredients, and to the idea that eating joyfully, and ethically, is linked to overall wellness.

To that end, we teach, we cook, we travel, and we collaborate with others who share our ideals. We're excited to work in Vermont, our home, and to connect with, and build roots in, other communities throughout the United States.




Suzanne Podhaizer is a chef, food journalist, and cooking educator…

Since 2005, when she completed her self-designed Food Studies degree at the University of Vermont, she has been building a resume of diverse, food-systems work.

She won a first place AAN (Association for Alternative Newsweeklies) award for her work as food editor of Seven Days newspaper; owned and operated Salt Café in Montpelier, VT — which was written about in The New York Times, Yankee Magazine, and other notable publications — was part of a worker-owned-cooperative catering company called Woodbelly Pizza; and raised geese on pasture at Gozzard City goose farm in Cabot.

She has given talks at the Stone Barns Center for agriculture, is cited in the Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics, and has been on Vermont Public Radio on numerous occasions.

Check out the rest of Suzanne’s resume


Lucas Auger is a financial services professional with a passion for food…

In 2016, he graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Economics.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to learning to cook with local, ethically produced ingredients. In doing so, he discovered a deep love for good food, and for the ways that working in kitchens and sharing meals can foster community.

Lucas brings his business acumen to everything he does, whether it’s teaching a cooking class, testing recipes, or making hundreds of puff pastries for a catering event.

Our Community

Over the years we’ve worked hard to create lasting relationships with inspirational individuals and companies who share a common “do good, for good” mentality. From time to time we encounter projects that extend beyond our area of expertise. We thrive on opportunities to draw on the knowledge of our expansive network, and together, accomplish remarkable things.

Our friends and associates include:

Permaculture & building designers; farmers with advanced degrees in the sciences; award-nominated chefs and bakers; food ethicists; cookbook authors, and many others.