Breakfast at Camp


A good breakfast is the foundation for a good day. Eating well doesn’t mean you’ll have a good day — if only! — but it means that you are setting yourself up to have energy for whatever lies ahead. For this reason, especially when I’m camping, I lean towards savory breakfasts that include a good amount of protein and fat. Breakfasts that are higher in sugar or that consist mostly of carbs — I’m looking at you, delicious crunchy cereals and waffles with syrup — cause a wild blood sugar ride that leaves me shaky and hungry a couple hours later.

On the Vermont State Parks Cooks Website this week, you can find recipes for a couple of my favorite morning meals: steak & eggs, and cheesy grits topped with scallions and whatever else a hungry eater might desire. There’s also a recipe for gluten-free plantain pancakes, that could easily be made vegan with the use of an alternative milk.

What do you like to eat for breakfast, when you’re camping?