Campfire Cooking: A Collaboration Between Sel de la Terre and the Vermont State Parks


A few years ago, my sister, Elizabeth, did a photography internship with the Vermont State Parks. In exchange for her photographs, she got to make some park visits for free.

I love camping more than almost anything, and so this year, I decided to apply for the program. As I drafted an email to the Sales & Services Manager of the Vermont State Parks, I had an idea: What if I suggested something a little more robust, and offered to create recipes that could be shared with other campers, as well as taking photographs? And then I traced the idea even further…maybe I could live at the parks all summer, and teach classes, make videos, and answer campers’ cooking questions.

I outlined my ideas in an email, sent it off, and eagerly awaited a response. And here we are, a few months later, launching Vermont State Parks Cooks! Very soon we’ll have a dedicated page on the Vermont State Parks website, and we’ve already started up our Instagram feed @vtstateparkscooks. Each Tuesday, we’ll share the “theme of the week,” with accompanying photographs and recipes. We’ll be posting to the gram all week long.

At Sel, part of our mission is to collaborate with those who share our passions, in ways that support and enrich everybody involved. We’re incredibly excited to help play a role in teaching people to cook delicious, wholesome food over a campfire, and to point camp visitors to farmstands, co-ops, and markets so that they can more easily incorporate Vermont ingredients into the meals they make. We believe in the health benefits of being in nature, and in the importance of knowing how to cook that which is seasonal and local, which makes this a perfect pairing.

Have a burning question (or just a plain old cooking question)? You can send it to us at