Services for Businesses

how can we support you?

Whether you own a restaurant, a catering operation, a retreat center, a summer camp, or another type of business, if aspects of your work touch on food systems, we would love to collaborate. We also work with businesses that develop and test recipes, and we create food multimedia, such as photographs, journal articles, and podcasts.

Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Retreat cooking: We will match the style of food to your gathering, and take all dietary restrictions into account.

  • Menu planning: Need a weekly menu plan for a small or large group? We can make sure that you’re able to source great ingredients, and work without wasting

  • Recipe testing: Our precise, detail oriented style makes us excellent recipe testers

  • Writing, editing & photographing: We provide a suite of media-creation services.

  • Restaurant Improvement: We will taste your offerings and make recommendations for improving the quality of your food. This includes offering suggestions about local ingredient sourcing.

  • Talks: If you need a guest speaker or lecturer on topics relating to sustainable agriculture or food systems, we can help