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Summer Harvest Cooking Class at Button Bay State Park


Hosted by The Vermont State Parks Cooks at Button Bay State Park

7/28/19, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

In this class, we'll turn summer produce and meats from local farmers into an amazing meal. All of the cooking will be done over a campfire, and the class will include everything from tricks for packing your cooler to tips about starting and maintaining a cooking fire. Expect tomatoes, blueberries, Vermont cheese, and meats to make an appearance. We love answering questions, and in addition to making the day's meal, will delve into any territory that would be useful, including a discussion of cooking tools that are a must, and how to build a camping pantry. Please bring an apron if you’d like one, dishes and flatware if you can, so that we can avoid using disposables, and a cooking knife, if you’d like to use one.

The class costs $12, to cover the cost of the ingredients


At the Ranch - Pop Up Dinner

The view from Apple Jack Ranch, last time Suzanne visited, in October 2018

The view from Apple Jack Ranch, last time Suzanne visited, in October 2018

Hosted by Apple Jack Ranch - Cody, Wyoming

Sunday, July 21, 5:30 p.m.

The Evening’s Menu

∴ Baby greens with peach and basil vinaigrette, topped with maple goat cheese, wildflowers, and sesame

∴ Chilled corn soup with chive oil and chive blossoms

∴ Fish taco with lime guacamole and spicy slaw 

∴ Asparagus with hollandaise sauce & bacon

∴ Beef with cherry tomatoes, sage pesto, and walnut oil

∴ Homemade coffee ice cream with orange and date


Cooking with wild things - cooking class

Hosted by Nomad Coffee - South End Station, Burlington, VT

Saturday, May 18th @ 4:30pm

In this class, we’ll use wild-harvested plants from Vermont's woods and fields to make creative, exciting dishes. Join us to build your skills and become a more confident and inspired cook!

When we're done in the kitchen, we'll all dine on our creations, as we trade stories and learn from and about one another.

∴ Wild and domestic salad with browned butter vinaigrette
∴ Scallop rolls with garlic-mustard pesto
∴ Fresh pasta with sautéed ramps & nettles
∴ Pine and spruce panna cotta with rhubarb sauce



Where The wild things are - Pop up dinner

Hosted by Nomad Coffee - South End Station, Burlington, VT

Saturday, May 11th @ 7:30pm

Celebrate the coming of warmer weather with a seven-course dinner featuring some of Vermont's wild offerings. The menu may change, slightly, depending on what is available to harvest.

∴ Greens with fried maple goat cheese & violets

∴ Creamy asparagus & Japanese knotweed soup

∴ Shrimp rolls with dandelion pesto & petals

∴ Crab & ricotta ravioli with peas

∴ Lamb shanks with red wine sauce, fiddleheads & garlic-stuffed potatoes

∴ Cheese custard with ramps & pickled oyster mushrooms

∴ Violet & Rose Panna Cotta



Market basket Challenge - Cooking Class

Saturday, April 27th @ 4:30pm

This class is such fun! Instead of following existing recipes, we’ll come up with our own. 

After the secret (seasonal, local) ingredients are unveiled, we’ll work together to plan a menu — using our shared knowledge, cookbooks, and the Internet as resources.

Then, we’ll spend an hour dining on the feast we’ve created. You’ll leave feeling like a more confident and creative cook.